Blog #2

My favorite childhood book was Green Eggs and Ham. I remember how funny it was and how my parents read it. They read it in these funny voices that made me and my sister laugh. My favorite character was Sam mostly because of how funny his voice was by my parents, but also because he was so persistent into trying to get the other guy to try something new. It got me into trying new things instead of being scared. We don’t have the book anymore sadly but I will get it for my kids when I’m older to try to get them to try new things.

Blog #1

I have started reading Into The Wild. This blog is about a bad thing I did in fifth grade. I met a girl on the bus who I became good friends with. She was not the best influence and had taught me many bad habits such as ; stealing, talking back to my parents, and even taking my parents money. After she taught me I started thinking about how to do it. I didn’t think about the consequences that would happen after I did it. So I did it.

After I did it my parents found out. They took all of my stuff out of my room and I was grounded for three weeks. I felt so guilty, and that guilt has stayed with me. My parents showed me that if I did something bad to someone else, then something bad would happen to me. That has stayed with me, so I haven’t stolen since then.

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